Snake swallow a man

The incident happened in the Indian state of Kerala, which, like Goa, attracts a large number of tourists to its coast.
In India, a carefree man decided to have a nice evening, but he did not bring alcohol to the house and drank the purchased drinks right outside the wine shop. In the same place the drinker settled down for the .
In the morning, locals found a bloated snake on the threshold of the bench. It turned out that the python crawled past the wine shop and saw the “food”. He strangled a man, and then swallowed his victim. After such a nourishing “lunch” the reptile could not crawl away and lay on the spot emergency.
Subsequently, a bloated snake was discovered by locals, reports LOTD.
This example can be an edification to many tourists who go to India for holidays and often forget about the sense of proportion with regard to alcohol and other relaxing substances.
The huge python, according to the stories of the children, suddenly grabbed their boyfriend when they were gathering fallen mangoes in the garden. The snake quickly wrapped the child around, squeezing his arms and legs tightly. The boy was so scared that he didn’t even scream and didn’t cry.

“Python squeezed him ever stronger until the boy closed his and threw back his head,” an eyewitness to the tragedy, 11--old Cave, said. – I realized that he was dead or unconscious. Then the snake opened its mouth wide and began to swallow it all at once, starting from the head. ” For three hours, the children silently watched, fearing to move or call for help.
Later, the police and snake specialists did not find any traces of the tragedy – the child and his clothes disappeared along with the snake. On the rumpled grass, only a trace remained leading to the . Herperologists explained that the African python needed to better digest prey.
According to experts, this is the first case of cannibalism for this species of snake. Python apparently woke up after hibernation and was very hungry.
The reptile swollen from the human body was found nearby in the jungle, it could not crawl away. The snake was killed and immediately cut, but the boy could not be saved – he died from suffocation.
It turns out the plot of the film “Anaconda” has a real basis and in our sinful there are gigantic reptiles that can swallow the whole person.
Snakes usually prefer to attack smaller creatures that they can swallow without problems, but despite this, there are many documented cases in which these reptiles swallowed livestock, dogs, and even young hippos.
Unfortunately, the diet of these predators is not limited to such a scanty set of dishes and creeping reptiles are not averse to the opportunity to try human flesh. It is difficult to believe in it, but on the Earth there really are giant giants for whom man is just a prey.
Four friends: José Ronaldo. Fernando Contaro, Miguel Orvaro and Sebastian Forte went to the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil for camping and fishing. Fishing went well, and alcohol flowed like a river. Returning from the river, friends noticed the absence of the fourth member of their cheerful company, dentist Jose Ronaldo. The tipsy fishermen searched for their drinking companion before dark, but Jose, as if through earth, had failed.
The next day, in a cheerful and elated mood, they went in search, hoping to find his friend lying around drunk in some ditch. Toward evening, they found his torn clothes.
“At first, we decided that it was a robbery: the ground around it was dug up, as if someone was fighting on it,” says one of the fishermen, Fernando Contaro. “I was relieved from my heart, because if a man attacked him, and not a wild animal, he could have survived!”
After seeing the place of the struggle, they found a deep mark on the ground leading to the forest. Experienced hunter Sebastian Forte immediately said that he was left by a snake … a very large snake, at least 10 meters long. The sun was setting and the men decided to return to the camp.
The next morning, the men followed the snake trail. What they found at the end of their journey plunged them into shock: in front of them lay a giant anaconda with an incredibly bloated body. Miguel pressed the head of the python with a stick to the ground, and Fernando twice shot reptiles in the head with a revolver. The anaconda was towed to the camp, where the stomach was cut open and the dentist’s body, which had already begun to digest, was removed.

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