Sansara Wheel

Moscow. Winter. Snow. The boy is playing football. Suddenly – the sound of broken glass. A double runaway, a rough Russian double with a broom, runs out and chases a boy. The boy runs away from him and thinks: “Why, why is this all? Why all this image of a street boy, all this football, all these friends? What for??? I have already done all the lessons, why am I not sitting at home on the sofa and not reading the book of my favorite writer Ernest Hemingway? ”
Havana. Ernest Hemingway is sitting in his office in a catered villa, she is finishing her next novel and thinks: “Why, why is this all? How tired of all this, this Cuba, these beaches, bananas, sugar candy, this zhara, these Cubans !!! Why am I not in Paris, I am not sitting with my best friend Andrei Morua in the company of two lovely kurtisants, drinking a morning aperitif and talking about the meaning of ? ”
Parge. Andrea Morua, in her bedroom, stroking the beauteous courier at her thigh and sipping her morning aperitif, thinks: “Why, why is this all? How tired of this Paris, these harsh French, these stupid kurtizanki, this Eiffel Tower, with which you spit on your head! Why am I not in Moscow, where there is cold and snow, not sitting with my best friend Andrei Platonov over a glass of Russian vodka and not talking to him about the meaning of life? ”
Moscow. Cold. Snow. Andrew Platonov. In the earflaps. In felt boots. With a broom. Chasing a boy and thinking: “Fuck, I’ll catch up – I’ll fuck you!”

How to get to Cappadocia metro

From Ataturk Airport to Taksim Square is the easiest and fastest way to get there by metro, with one transfer. Click the subway map to zoom in and save it to your smartphone. After exiting the arrival zone at Ataturk Airport, you need to go to the building where the end station of the red […]

Niepi – Traditional New Year in Bali

Niepi – Traditional New Year in Bali Bali New Year – a unique and unusual holiday! Every March on the island there is a festive traditional ceremony in several stages. New Year The calendar is calculated according to the Hindu calculus. Indonesia is now 1940-2019 year – the holiday was held on March 7, 2020 […]

Sabiha Gokchen

The distance between the two airports is about 70 kilometers. Sabiha Gokchen is located in the Asian part of the city. To reach it, you have to cross the whole city from edge to edge by public transport. The minimum time it takes 2.5 – 3 hours. But taking into account traffic jams, it can […]

The standard of exotic luxury Mauritius!

From coral reefs to mangroves In harmony with the old architecture and preserved nature. Mauritius is unspoilt beaches, steep cliffs, wild waterfalls. After a short shower at the blue sky suddenly appear a double rainbow. Once the height of the island is occupied by forests. But the colonists completely took them out, instead planting eucalyptus […]

Cappadocia is Göreme

The main tourist city of Cappadocia is Göreme. That is where you ultimately need to get. Of course, you can get to Göreme from Istanbul by night bus, but it’s tiring and time consuming. The easiest and cheapest way to get to this city is to fly on a domestic flight to the nearby city […]

How a diver whale swallowed :)

I never thought that this could happen in reality. But this is a very popular fantasy and plot for legends. We once discussed with you whether a snake can swallow a human, so now let’s deal with the whales on this topic. Rainer Schimpf – diving coach from South Africa. And this weekend he was […]

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