Peninsula of Halkidiki-Kassandra. Cassandra is an enchanting Peninsula, located…

Peninsula of Halkidiki-Kassandra.

Cassandra is an enchanting Peninsula, in the Western part of Halkidiki. Nearby lie Thessaloniki. Cassandra is associated with the rest of the region is an amazing bridge of NEA Potidea. This village is the starting point for every traveler who come here. Cassandra can hardly be called a Peninsula because it is completely separated from the territory of Halkidiki Gulf, Potidea. There reveals stunning views of the surrounding areas.

The ancient name of the Peninsula was different. The Greeks called it Flegrei (“place of fire”). Ancient Greek myths say that it was inhabited by Giants. Creatures were born from the drops of blood of Uranus that fell on the body of the goddess Gaia. It was here, according to mythology, was the historical battle between the Giants and the gods of Olympus for power. The giants threw a huge rock Olympus, and Zeus sent lightning on Flegrei, burning down the Peninsula.

One of the myths says that a rock thrown Olympian gods during the battle, crushed the Giant Seysmos. However, the lump didn’t kill him, and he remained on Cassandra. Since then when the Giant tries to get out, the Earth is undergoing an earthquake. A rock thrown by Poseidon, giving one Giant of Afos. It is named after the famous mountain. The war between the gods of Olympus and the inhabitants Flegrei lasted a long time. Everything after the predictions given to the gods. It read that the assistance of a mere mortal will decide the outcome of the battle. It was then decided to contact the Hercules – son of Zeus and a mortal woman. The bellicose young man overcame Altona, the former first among Giants. This meant a complete victory of the gods. Daughter Altona, Pallini bitterly suffered and could not stand, rushed to the sisters in the sea. Gave they perish, the wife of Poseidon, Amphitrite. The goddess wrapped girls seabirds. The name of the elder gave the name to the Peninsula. it in 315 BC by the Macedonian king Cassander, by choosing the top, we built Kassandria. Then the name spread throughout the territory.

Now Cassandra is a modern resort welcoming guests from all over the world. The Greeks also come to the Peninsula to rest from the routine and . Well maintained beaches, developed infrastructure attract tourists. Traveler meet the miles of delicate beach, with the turquoise waters, and most importantly – active nightlife: traditional taverns, luxury restaurants, creative bars, discos, clubs on every corner you can find entertainment to their liking. Along with this, Kassandra – site thermal sources and a wide array of places to stay from cosy hotels to expensive apartments, from family hotels to luxury complexes. Lovers of beautiful guests will enjoy Golf courses, marinas, SPA centres.

Tourists of the younger generations, lovers of relaxation after sunset, making the area of Kallithea. Stylish clubs here at every step. Before that, there is always the opportunity to stop by one of the many cafes or bars, which in Halkidiki enough. The evening will not be boring in such a wonderful journey. Local restaurants invite you to enjoy the dishes from chefs, or enjoy the traditional of Greece – the only choice for you.

It is known that Cassandra is the place where was born the famous philosopher Aristotle. Stagira will be opened for visitors a lot of interesting facts about the of a great thinker, and the of the nature will bring an incredible experience of walking.

Important these places are to the religious world. Mount Athos and the monastic state of Agion Oros is a place of pilgrimage of parishioners from all over the world.

A lot of secrets within the cave of Petralona. A unique natural monument was opened in 1959. A year later there was found a skull of archanthropus. The study, conducted by scientists have shown that the found remains belong to the oldest man in Europe: he is about 700 thousand years. You can see not only fossils and skeletons. The cave also shows a wonderful natural shapes: stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates.

The Kassandra Peninsula is full of myths. Around every corner lurks a touch of history. Who knows, maybe literally a minute later the Giant will once again attempt to break out of the ground. For example, the scientists tell us that the nature of the Peninsula was very different, hills Cassandra – fragments of a meteorite or the eruption of an ancient volcano, and where he was still above the surface you can see the sulfuric smoke.

Among the cities of Cassandra deserves special attention Kallithea. Bays Ladiko and Anthony Quinn are fascinating extraordinary beauty, opening up space, allowing the thoughts to wander free. But this is not the only advantage Kalitesi. The tourist infrastructure of the highest class includes all that you need. To come here means to paint life with bright shades of nightlife, but because young travelers will appreciate the choice of bars, discos, clubs.

NEA Moudania is famous for its annual festival “the sea Festival”. This international event gathers tourists wishing to experience all the delights of a beach holiday. The port gives a good opportunity to take a walk on a yacht on the Aegean sea, to feel the breath of the element, disappear in the vast expanses.

Green chanioti awaits all to spend a few days in Paradise. Surprises are here waiting for fans of shopping. Discerning travelers can safely go to NEA Flogita. Stay here – perfect for a family holiday. Young children will find something to do, because in the city there are a lot of playgrounds and entertainment complexes.

In search of peace and tranquility is to go to the mountains of holomontas yporeia. Clean air with the scent of pine needles, the opportunity to hunt, take a stroll on horseback or on foot, mushroom – tourists who like active rest will be happy. New cozy hotel combines comfort and affordability.

Cassandra is notable for the fact that a large number of small ancient villages introduce visitors with local traditional cuisine. Cheap check out the restaurant or café, the visitor gets fresh food, be it seafood, vegetables or cheeses. For those who prefer to cook their own meals, it is strongly recommended : visit the local market. Low prices for better products – not a myth, how much for Cassandra, but a reality.

The company “Mouzenidis ” organizes tours to every corner of Greece. To visit the Peninsula of Kassandra, spend time with use, rested body and soul, it becomes easier thanks to experienced consultants. Easy flight from anywhere in the world, representation of the company in close proximity to tourist spots, the opportunity to choose the tour right at home – the modern tourist gets a high quality service easily.

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