Our dialogue

Washing dishes in hot water without chemicals turned out to be very difficult. Replacing the water in the pelvis several times, finally got clean plates. When washing glasses – recalled grandmother’s recipe – changed the water from hot to cold. Wiping the glasses, I saw how they shine. When the turn came to metal utensils – saucepans, spoons, forks, I remembered the mustard powder. Having poured into the water and rubbed a greasy surface, I realized that the result would be the same as with the cleaning powder. Paul rubbed, following the instructions, bypassing the corners. I caught myself thinking that no matter what, I want to see the elf again.
-Where will I get a cat?
“Yes, some one will be killed,” the elf waved his hand carelessly.
Here, after a month of washing out civilization from a country house, and searching the lawns and shady places of the garden, I stumbled upon an elf sitting on a hammock. As if nothing had happened, he said importantly that I need a cat. Without it, it turns out, it is indecent to go for a walk in the forest.
– A dog can be?
– Not!!! They are noisy, fussy. No, be sure the cat and popushistey.
– He himself said that something … And this something can be bald, or a shabby red cat …
– This is not something, this is your punishment, and to achieve change. If red is fire, black is earth, gray is water, white is air. And maybe lucky … – philosophically concluded an elf and dissolved.

Strange, all strange. And suddenly I realized that I hadn’t asked what kind of sorceress he had started the conversation about. I am a simple housewife from recent times. Pretty disappointed in some aspects of her work. Stop. This is the path to nowhere. Enough of internal dialogue, as my daughter says. Okay, let’s see who is here and what is here. Oh, sorry Jescu can not. And then we would have pissed off. Oh, and the rat is impossible, and then at home a hunting slug in a cage, waiting for me a gun and a Tyrolean hat … Stop, a cat! So after all it is impossible for me a cat !!! He does not get along with everyone, since he is so magical !! Or maybe, on the contrary, everything will be in place? In short, let’s get down to business, the sorceress, and then the lawns require haircuts for a long time.
Diligently cutting the grass around the bushes, I realized that I constantly think about leaving shady cozy places. Maybe there will be going to the true light and the elves will be able to live with me. It will be necessary to ask about it. Best of all, under shady places, there was a place behind a spruce and on an alpine hill. Thanks to heavy rains, everything grew and was pleasing to the eye.
– But what an annoying fly! – In the hearts of throwing the lawn mower handle, I waved.
– Go to your …
“I’m leaving now, I just wanted to explain to you,” suddenly sounded above his ear.
I stood, afraid to move and breathe once more.
– Where are you?
– I want to tell you that if you want me to walk with you, then stop using all sorts of smelly and acrid things. You don’t need them, but they scare us. So, I need irises and nasturtiums – this is your name. Here they are called differently, but to make it clearer. Where the stones, we can not live. Better where the tree is. Make us a house there. And wait.
And only the breeze blew … It disappeared again …
Yes, our dialogue has turned out very constructive.

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