National cuisine of Italy Italian

of Italy Italian is known throughout the – and not only pizza and spaghetti, but also an abundance of seafood in the recipe of dishes that are unique in their taste and serve, which have no analogues in any other corner of the globe. Lasagna, ravioli, ciabatta, panna kota are names for dishes that enthrall with their taste. What do the Italians cook, what is the exclusivity of the national cuisine and what is a must to try, at least once visiting this ancient Mediterranean state? Peculiarities of dishes The national cuisine of Italy was shaped by the influence of various cultures and peoples. Different nationalities at one time contributed to the recipe of dishes that are now known as “Italian cuisine” and are revered by many gourmets around the world. The specificity of dishes in their ingredients, which depend on local traditions, seasonality and location of the region. For example, the legendary dessert “White Truffle” is prepared only in certain regions of the . The basic components for the preparation of national dishes of Italy include: shrimp, mussels and various types of fish; vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and eggplants); meat (beef, lean pork, poultry); legumes; flour from wheat (different varieties of pasta, pastries); olive oil and olives; cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, etc.); seasonings; nuts (almonds, pine); mushrooms; rice; wine and liquors; fruits, citrus and berries.

How a diver whale swallowed :)

I never thought that this could happen in reality. But this is a very popular fantasy and plot for legends. We once discussed with you whether a snake can swallow a human, so now let’s deal with the whales on this topic. Rainer Schimpf – diving coach from South Africa. And this weekend he was […]

Cappadocia is Göreme

The main tourist city of Cappadocia is Göreme. That is where you ultimately need to get. Of course, you can get to Göreme from Istanbul by night bus, but it’s tiring and time consuming. The easiest and cheapest way to get to this city is to fly on a domestic flight to the nearby city […]

Tours for children in Rhodes 👪Rhodes –…

Tours for children in Rhodes 👪 Rhodes is one of the brightest jewels of the Greek archipelago, the island surrounded by the legendary Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea. In this blessed land with lush greenery, sandy coast, the blue foam you fall in love immediately and forever. Besides the wonderful climate, Rhodes is attractive and […]

About Cappadocia

You, probably, thought that gingerbread houses and milk rivers with milk and honey are only in a fairy tale? But no, there is a place on earth where people live in houses that are very similar to Truffle’s beloved sweets. And they live more than one year – their history is in the thousands of […]

Athos Cahors

Cahors from Mount Athos a few years ago, met in wine boutiques and large chain stores. I always bought it for Easter. Cahors was an unusually beautiful burgundy color, rich velvety taste and matchless aroma. Now it is expensive. In 2013 I was fortunate enough to visit Kefalonia. Grapes are grown there and the famous […]

Demerdzhi 3*Demerdji hotel, located on the black sea…

Demerdzhi 3* Demerdji hotel, located on the black sea coast. The boarding house area is 2 hectares. Vacationers can sunbathe and relax by the outdoor pool, which is equipped with sun loungers and parasols, play volleyball or basketball courts. On the football field lovers of this beautiful sport can actively spend time. Guests can enjoy […]

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