National cuisine of Italy Italian

of Italy Italian is known throughout the – and not only pizza and spaghetti, but also an abundance of seafood in the recipe of dishes that are unique in their taste and serve, which have no analogues in any other corner of the globe. Lasagna, ravioli, ciabatta, panna kota are names for dishes that enthrall with their taste. What do the Italians cook, what is the exclusivity of the national cuisine and what is a must to try, at least once visiting this ancient Mediterranean state? Peculiarities of traditional dishes The national cuisine of Italy was shaped by the influence of various cultures and peoples. Different nationalities at one time contributed to the recipe of dishes that are now known as “Italian cuisine” and are revered by many gourmets around the world. The specificity of traditional dishes in their ingredients, which depend on local traditions, seasonality and location of the region. For example, the legendary dessert “White Truffle” is prepared only in certain regions of the . The basic components for the preparation of national dishes of Italy include: shrimp, mussels and various types of fish; vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and eggplants); meat (beef, lean pork, poultry); legumes; flour from wheat (different varieties of pasta, pastries); olive oil and olives; cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, etc.); seasonings; nuts (almonds, pine); mushrooms; rice; wine and liquors; fruits, citrus and berries.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Tree hours of flight from Moscow, and you are in Istanbul. There are 2 airports in Istanbul: the largest is Ataturk (IST code), and the second most significant is Sabiha Gokcen (SAW code, named after the first Turkish military pilot woman). If you flew Turkish Airlines, you will most likely arrive at Ataturk Airport. Sabiha […]


Cappadocia usually starts from Istanbul, if you are not already in Turkey, and do not sunbathe anywhere on its Mediterranean coast in Antalya. One of my favorite airlines, Turkish Airlines, flies to Istanbul from many cities of Russia. The cost of tickets in both directions from Moscow – in the region of 10-13 thousand rubles. […]

Among the sets of theories explaining the life cycle of our Universe

Among the sets of theories explaining the life cycle of our Universe, “Conformal cyclic cosmology” is of particular interest. Its author is the famous physicist Roger Penrose, standing in the same row with such personalities as, for example, Stephen Hawking. The theory tells us that our world exists in a continuous cycle of birth and […]

Niepi – Traditional New Year in Bali

Niepi – Traditional New Year in Bali Bali New Year – a unique and unusual holiday! Every March on the island there is a festive traditional ceremony in several stages. New Year The calendar is calculated according to the Hindu calculus. Indonesia is now 1940-2019 year – the holiday was held on March 7, 2020 […]

Snake swallow a man

The incident happened in the Indian state of Kerala, which, like Goa, attracts a large number of tourists to its coast. In India, a carefree man decided to have a nice evening, but he did not bring alcohol to the house and drank the purchased drinks right outside the wine shop. In the same place […]

Peninsula of Halkidiki-Kassandra.

Cassandra is an enchanting Peninsula, located in the Western part of Halkidiki. Nearby lie Thessaloniki. Cassandra is associated with the rest of the region is an amazing bridge of NEA Potidea. This village is the starting point for every traveler who come here. Cassandra can hardly be called a Peninsula because it is completely separated […]

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