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National cuisine of India, the same diverse as the itself. On the formation of the local cuisine was influenced by religion, especially Hinduism and Islam. For the Hindus the cow is a sacred animal, and Muslims, as we know, don’t eat pork. Therefore, a very popular vegetarian dishes. Although lamb and poultry meat is frequently used for the preparation of many dishes. In addition, a large contribution to the formation of Indian cuisine has made Great Mughals, who ruled the for several centuries. Hence dishes with features of Central Asian and middle Eastern cuisines. Also, the Mughals brought to India tandoor (a large vertical furnace in which, until now, cook the meat and bread). And now that the tourists visiting this country.

Let’s start with the most famous dishes of the national cuisine of India is “curry”. Many think that curry is a spice in powder form, which is well-known for our hostesses. But all is not so simple. In India curry is a group of diverse dishes of stewed vegetables, meat, beans, fish, lamb, chicken and even seafood. A required component of this dish is the curry, which, in this country, is a mixture of many components, such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, tamarind, hot pepper, garlic and others. The word “curry” means “sauce” and served this dish, often with rice.

In General, in the national cuisine, India, spices have a special relationship. For the preparation of various dishes using saffron, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, coconut, poppy seeds and even such little known as asafoetida and mango powder. Indian cooks always keep 25 to 50 spices of which are unique in flavor. Moreover, in every region of the country has its favorite condiments and spices. Thanks to the various combinations and the combinations of which any dish gets its subtle and unique taste.

To really appreciate the diversity of the national cuisine of India, offer meals that, hopefully, will appreciate not only of this country, but there is a varied gourmet:

“Dhal” is the soup of legumes with the addition of curry, lemon juice, coconut milk, garlic, onions and tomatoes.
Tandoori — marinated chicken, baked in the oven.
“Biryani” — a dish of rice, meat, vegetables, eggs, spiced nuts, dried fruit, melted butter, orange sauce and seasonings.
“Rogan Josh” lamb curry.
“Gustaba” — meatballs with spices in yoghurt sauce.
“Mananwala” — chicken in butter sauce.
“Dhansak” — chicken with steamed rice, curry and lentils.
“Dahi maach the” fish with curry, ginger and yoghurt.
“Malai” — shrimp curry flavored with coconut.
“Chapati” is an Indian bread that resembles thin pita.
“Papadam” — cake made of lentil flour.

To finish the meal, in India, adopted the “pan” — a betel leaf in which are wrapped anise seeds, nuts, cardamom and other spices. It is believed that chewing this “stuff” improves digestion.

Please, kitchens of India, sweet lovers. This country, in law, is considered the ’s cradle of sweets. Local desserts made from healthy and organic products — honey, milk, nuts, fresh fruit, cereals… Even the most strict Vedic laws, allowed to eat sweets as much as you want. The word “sweetness” in the literal sense — a divine pleasure. Most popular desserts:

“kulfi” — a traditional Indian ice cream with pistachios, saffron and cardamom;
“rasgulla” — sweet cheese balls with rose syrup;
“Gulab jamuns” — flour balls with yogurt and almonds;
“jalebi” — pancakes in sugar syrup;
“barfi” — a dry milk balls deep-fried, with the addition of pistachios, almonds and honey;
“firni” — rice pudding with raisins, almonds and pistachios;
“rasmalai” — a dessert made of milk foams with a sweet syrup.

In the North, the most popular drink — tea. The Indians love tea with milk, lemon, spices, ginger and honey. Southerners prefer coffee. In the summer, everywhere, sell fancy drink “Lassi” (yogurt whipped with ice, spices, sugar, salt and fruit). In addition, non-alcoholic drink — “halo Pani” ( diluted with lemon juice), coconut milk, mango juice and others. Interest drink “fenny” Indian alcoholic drink made from cashew fruit and the SAP of the coconut palm, which is usually served at weddings and other celebrations.
Welcome to hospitable India and your tea!

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