Costa BlancaCosta Dorada on the map is…

Costa Blanca

Costa Dorada on the map is part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, located South of Barcelona and extends to the city of Tarragona. This beach is one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists from around the world.

In translation from Spanish “Costa Dorada” means “Golden coast”. The was received by the coast because of the of sand, which glitters on the many beaches the sand grains of the precious metal.

The Costa Blanca includes the province of Tarragona, Salou, La Pineda, Sitges and Cambrils.

Mild climate, warm sea and well-developed infrastructure is the key to a great vacation and nature coast does not leave indifferent even the lovers of urban landscapes.

Besides the beautiful beaches and beauties in Costa Blanca there are what to visit, as lovers of history and architecture, and those who prefer active rest.

The resort city of Costa Dorada

Tarragona is the capital of the province. The city, which is a place not only for beach, but also a sightseeing holiday. Tarragona is one of the oldest cities of the Iberian Peninsula, which has its origin since the ancient Roman Empire.

Due to the rich history and large number of extant monuments, as the ancient world and the middle ages, Tarragona UNESCO world heritage site.

The coastline of Tarragona stretches for 15 kilometers, so tourists have a place to relax after sightseeing in the city.

In addition, Tarragona has a number of annual celebrations, festivals and carnivals.

Salou is the biggest city of the coast, with its numerous shopping centres, bars clubs. But, despite the fact that in Salou nightlife and quite a lot of young people, this city is a great place for families with children.

The length of the beaches of Salou is more than 7 km, the beaches are sandy and shallow, ideal for young children. And the beautiful avenues and boulevards of Barcelona will give a pleasant shade in the searing summer heat.

In addition, close to Salou (just 1-2 km) is a famous amusement Port Aventura(port Aventura).

La Pineda is quite a young resort of Costa Dorada, near Tarragona, with small bays and sandy beaches. The name of the city derives from the abundance of Mediterranean pine trees, which flourish everywhere. An advantage also is the location close to one of the most famous places of entertainment on the coast – Port Aventura where you can take the tourist train from the Aquapolis Waterpark.

Despite the fact that La Pineda is a great children’s resort from the gently sloping entrance to the sea and beautiful beaches, it has a lot of young people, which attracts the presence of clubs and discos, the most popular of which is la Pacha.

For shopping lovers La Pineda is not the best choice – the city has no large supermarkets and shops of brand clothes and shoes. But for lovers of active holidays in La Pineda is the real freedom – the city has a huge sports complex Eurosport, and on the beaches you can rent equipment for Windsurfing and diving.

Sitges is a historic town in the Bay of Costa del Garraf, which combines the charm of the old quarters and narrow streets with the noise of discos and boutiques of branded clothes.

Sitges is one of the most popular youth resorts in the world, and it became known as the “Spanish Saint-Tropez” for its abundance of entertainment for every taste and budget, from carnivals and festivals to professional Golf clubs.

Cambrils – once a small fishing village, 17 km from Tarragona, which has also been turned into a tourist town.

In the city there are three parts – the port with the main promenade; the historic city centre and the new tourist .

In addition to passive recreation on the beautiful Golden beaches, Cambrils are all conditions for active recreation – diving, sailing, Windsurfing. For those who prefer luxury vacation, in the vicinity of the city are 3 of the Golf club.

In addition to these, in Catalonia there are less well-known among Russian tourists resorts.

The best beaches of the Costa Blanca


The Altafulla beach is located in the same town. Its length is over a kilometer in length, and a width of 20 meters. This sandy beach has a flag, and it annually hosts international competitions yachtsmen.

To get to the beach from Tarragona by train, the journey time will be only 10 minutes. From Barcelona to the beach Town 100 miles on the highway AP-7

Beach Callafell

This urban beach is in Tarragona. It is quite wide, about 90 meters, and its length is 1.7 km. At the beach often hosts competitions in Frisbee. People on the beach Callafell quite a lot, especially in the hot season.

Beach Riomar

Belogorodsky beach in the Ebro Delta, near reserve El Garxal. The length of the beach is 2.6 km, and its width 150 metres. The Riomar beach awarded the blue flag.

Playa Larga

Sandy beach with a length of 2.7 km, which is not a lot of tourists is perfectly located for a family holiday. The width of the beach is 45 meters.

Cala Foundation

This secluded beach is the small beach of Tarragona (25 meters wide and 200 long), surrounded by cliffs is a favorite place for naturists. You can reach it by bus number 9 and 1E.

The Tamarit Beach

The Tamarit beach, located in Tarragona, got its name after the castle, located on top of the rocks. Unlike most beaches of the Costa Blanca, the Tamarit beach is pebbly. The length of the beach, bordered by pine forest is 1000 meters and width – 45 meters.

The beach Playa de Levante

The sandy beach of Playa de Levante, located in Salou has a length of 1.2 km and width of 70 meters. On the beach, as a rule, quite a lot of tourists.

The Beach Of La Paella

La Paella is a very popular tourist beach of Torredembarra, blue flag. Sandy beach with promenade stretches 780 meters in length and 80 in width.

The Beach La Marquesa

La Marquesa is a nudist beach located in Deltebre. This beach is quite large with its length of 1 km and a width of over 100 meters.

The Beach Of Cunit

The city beach of Cambrils, awarded with blue flag, has a length of 2450 meters and width 40 meters. A beautiful promenade, Golden sand and a multitude of and entertainment attract a lot of tourists.

Costa Blanca with kids

In the towns of Salou and Cambrils a wide range of services and entertainment for families with children. These Resorts of the Catalan Agency for tourism issued a certificate of family tourism.

In the children’s best Cambrils beach Platja Llarga recognized. It is quite comfortable and there are relatively few visitors.

Despite the fact that Salou is a very lively resort, with many families with children prefer it to stay. Apart from convenient location, the resort has a well-developed system of children’s animation and there are a large number of children’s clubs, where you can leave children under supervision of teachers. Salou’s beaches are very shallow and suitable even for toddlers. From entertainment for children, it is worth noting the children’s Park, Bosc Aventura, located in the city, and Port Aventura, located just outside the city.

La Pineda is a town of comfort and peace. For families with kids as it fits best: the beaches are not crowded, the shallow sea is well warmed, in hotels and on the shores of the many children’s clubs and frogs. In the evening on Passeig de Pau Casals, the longest promenade in Catalonia, arranged a fun show for kids. In addition, none of the children will not refuse to visit the Aqua-complex “Aquopolis La Pineda”.

In Marbella best beach for families with children is considered Platja Llarga, quite uncrowded and very comfortable. A good time with the children will be visiting the water Park “Akvaleon”, which is located between Citiesto and Tarragona.

Sitges is not very suitable for a family holiday. This resort is the youth centre of the Costa Blanca, so peace and quiet here is not the case. It is best to stay in the area on the beach of Garraf, located in a small village not bustling nightlife, and a gently sloping entrance to the sea and the calm waters make it a great place for a family holiday.

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