How to shoot PHOTO

, and even just go on vacation at , without making any photos or videos, has long been simply unthinkable. 10-15-15 years ago, I always claimed that a that was not described or that was not photographed was an incomplete journey. Consider that it was not.
This happened before the era of the appearance of the camera in each smartphone and DSL for those who more or less regularly began to go abroad. Since then, the understanding and skills of travel photography have become even more relevant.
About travel photography you can talk and talk endlessly. Almost all possible advice to photographers will largely depend on the specific goals and objectives and the willingness to devote time for the trip to your photographic attraction. First of all, you must honestly answer the question of how interesting the photograph is to you, whether it is the main goal. If yes, at least with a stretch – read on. The rest can simply see beautiful pictures and vidos taken in photo tours by a professional photographer and teacher of the photo school Petya Pokrovsky, as well as my friend.

As you know, I can’t boast with masterpieces, but I wrote down some of his simple for aspiring photo amateurs, who are already tired of just wandering aimlessly around ancient cities and beautiful places in nature, slapping on the move no one needed (even close relatives) crooked photo cards ” I am against the background of that lake ”. Nowadays, when a photo foragan from social networks, insta and instant messengers has hit everyone, and we ourselves can appreciate only a good frame that differs from the standard “holiday” shit.
How to get it, not having deep knowledge and solid practice? It is clear that you can’t teach photo art in a short article, but you can at least set the right direction.
1. Traveling – practice time. If you want to try out new techniques on a trip – learn the theory in advance. It is foolish to master the basics of portrait shooting and try to cause spirits to blur the back of the frame, when the donkey is staring at you right now and in a minute should be taken away forever.
2. Get ready for the trip – perhaps on your dates in the places where you are going, there will be a rare opportunity to capture something interesting – a festival of balloons, dragons, a procession with candles, a carnival, etc. The event on the background of the usual scenery improves the frame, gives it uniqueness and movement. In addition, it is always colorful!
3. Sometimes interesting is waiting for us literally around the corner. Do not spend all your time on the most famous sights – do not be afraid to turn off the trodden paths and just wander around the city. As a rule, real with colorful characters shuns front parades and central tourist arteries.
4. Finally, find out why you need different shooting modes on the camera. This is surprisingly simple, and it turns out that a long shutter speed will immediately turn streams of waterfalls into beautiful ” milk ”, and an open diaphragm will blur beautifully the portrait ” backdrop ” (bokeh effect).
5. Before the trip, look at what others are photographing: you will have an understanding of the possibilities for photography and you can better understand what time and with what equipment the best shots are made.
6. Before the trip, make a check-list of all the necessary equipment, up to the individual wires. He repeatedly observed how, due to the lack of one small thing, a person could not continue to take pictures or became significantly limited in the choice of means, especially outside cities, where everything can be bought. Depending on the type of camera, shooting style and travel format, think in advance how many batteries and memory cards you need.
7. Photo tour is possible only alone or in company with the same lovers. There is nothing worse than the lean faces of a friend, mother-in-law or mistress who does not want to wait when you are finally working out the scene.
8. For those who are ready to make an effort to move on to the next step of photo quality, the advice is to take a tripod with you. Together with him you will be able to achieve the maximum quality of landscape and architectural photography, be able to take pictures in the evening and at , as well as take photos of yourself without relying on the crooked hands of ordinary tourists.
9. Remember: sunrise and sunset – our everything! The best shots in the world are made exactly at these hours, so a real amateur photographer wakes up before dark and goes out to the point chosen yesterday. Everyone is asleep, and no one bothers to create a unique view of the pyramid of Cheops, which, before you, you can be sure, no one thought of capturing it so early.
10. Love a street photo? Find an interesting place and do not be lazy to wait until an interesting character enters the frame or something interesting starts to happen. Such a photo will be much more interesting just photos of the market / square / street.
11. Another option: you saw an interesting person – watch him, look for a good angle, light. Do not be afraid to come and chat with him, make a large portrait.
12. When shooting, try to pay attention to the greatest possible number of parts falling into the frame. Consider whether they are needed, whether it is better to change the composition or angle.
13. Press the trigger only when you feel that the frame is harmonious. The film is no longer necessary to save, but the habit of making only meaningful photos will save you time and free it for other enjoyable activities. Otherwise, you will look like fools from organized Chinese groups who are ready to take pictures of any garbage to death.
14. On bans. Learn the customs of the where you are going. Everywhere there is something that photography is prohibited or undesirable from a cultural point of view. A classic example is Morocco, where very often very aggressively demand money for any frame with their participation. And in Djibouti, a photographer can easily be stoned or stoned.
15. Equipment, of course, is important, but rather for the implementation of individual, complex personnel. Shoots all the same not a camera, but a man. A good shot can be quite click on a high-quality smartphone.
It is your view, your ability to search for scenes, build on the uniqueness of the place and event, the search for various angles and the insertion of meaning through the composition allow you to make memorable and amazing photos using any technique. Well, photo tour organized by experienced craftsmen will help you in mastering the technique of photography and a set of experience in field conditions as quickly as possible. There you will be among like-minded people who constantly exchange experiences.
It’s not a sin to mention the gorgeous Icelandic photo tours of the same Pokrovsky, who lived in this country for a , speaks excellent Swedish, and in general is a connoisseur of Scandinavia.

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