How a diver whale swallowed :)

I never thought that this could happen in reality. But this is a very popular fantasy and plot for legends. We once discussed with you whether a snake can swallow a human, so now let’s deal with the whales on this topic.
Rainer Schimpf – diving coach from South Africa. And this weekend he was swallowed by a whale. A 51--old man swam with a pipe and a mask off the coast in a great company: several sharks, dolphins and a whale rushed around him and there. The dolphins and the whale did not arouse any fear in Reiner. But the sharks were unnerving him, and so he kept his on them, focusing only on these predators.
“Suddenly it became suddenly dark,” says Shimpf himself. However, the confusion lasted a second – almost at the same instant he realized that the whale had swallowed him, or, more precisely, Brey’s whale. This type of animal is one of the safest and friendliest in the ocean. They grow to 14 meters and weigh up to 25 tons, but prefer to eat sardines. Specifically, this whale was also not a cannibal, it was just sucking the next batch of fish, when a man was suddenly caught in his food. So on a picnic, you accidentally eat an ant that climbs onto a bottle — ultimately unpleasant for both.

“There was no time for fear or any kind of emotion,” says Rainer Shimpf, “I immediately understood what had happened, I realized that I had gotten into the mouth of a whale, and instinctively held my breath, hoping that sooner or later he would spit out somewhere in the Indian Ocean. ”
I must say that Rainer is definitely an optimist: Bryde’s whales are able to hold their breath for 15 and dive to a depth of 300 meters. Not three days for the Old Testament, but if the whale had really dragged it into the depths – nothing good would come of it.
Fortunately, the whale quickly realized that the sardine was too big for him and, having gently shoved the man with his jaws, still spat it out into the ocean.
Even more surprising is the fact that it all managed to shoot on camera. Witnesses rushed to shoot what was happening, so now we have shots of how a person swallows and spits out a huge whale. Shimpf does not hold the slightest bit of resentment on the whale and is sure that he must have frightened no less than the diver himself.

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