The standard of exotic luxury Mauritius!

From coral reefs to mangroves

In harmony with the old architecture and preserved nature. Mauritius is unspoilt beaches, steep cliffs, wild waterfalls. After a short shower at the blue sky suddenly appear a double rainbow. Once the height of the island is occupied by forests. But the colonists completely took them out, instead planting eucalyptus and canadian pine. On the Eastern part of the island is preserved mangroves. These exotic trees are flooded regularly, but feel great in the . Representatives of the local flora – palm trees, mangoes, baobabs.

In cities and towns meet ornamental plants, which also brought the colonists. Acacia, sycamore, red filled with Jasmine flowers – what is there just no! Near settlements create cool groves of coconut palms. Plants, which in many countries are grown in pots, here used as an ornamental hedge. This is a dieffenbachia, monstera, philodendron and various ferns.

The pride of Mauritius – ficus-Banyan. This huge tree makes for a real grove from the trunk and branches to the soil in the trailing roots. They serve as a support for mighty crown and part of the “architecture” of the Mauritius cities. One ficus-Banyan tree established the stop for the under a different local community – playing basketball, dominoes or chatting.

The landscape of the island barely survived – all because of land. He is only the fourth part of the of Mauritius, in the South-West. Miracle think the colored earth of Chamarel. Like a rainbow, it consists of many shades: yellow, orange, brown, blue, pink… the layers are never mixed. Multicolor land belongs to the nature reserve of volcanic ash.

The weather in April

The weather in April in the resorts of Mauritius is starting to become less hot and close to optimal values for a comfortable stay. So in the afternoon the air temperature in different parts of the island ranges from +28,4 in the cold to +30.2 degrees in the hottest spots. is also relatively hot, because the air masses are thoroughly warmed up for the day, cool down a few points and their “srednesrochnoi” the temperature does not drop below elevation +25…+26. Period is not as rich on precipitation as the beginning of the calendar . All the resorts of Mauritius raining not more than one or two days and drops to 30-40 mm of rain. Water in the Indian ocean is so warm that immersively do not feel the slightest discomfort, because the thermometer is +27,5.

April in Port Louis – the period when the sun is shining in the sky quite often, because in this period of the year over the capital, there are only six solar days. The rest of the time overcast and two days can be rainy, pouring on the heads of the inhabitants of 33 mm of precipitation. Despite the rarity of occurrence over the horizon bright sun, it’s hot as day +29…+30 and day +25…+26. The water off the coast warmed up to +27.5 degrees, which is very inviting for a swim, go diving or something. The company is popular with surfers thanks to pismennosti, because it reduces the risk of scorch in the sun, and eyes blinded not so intense.

In the Northern part of the island on the beaches of Grand baie and Turtle Bay in the afternoon air in the middle warms up to +30…+31 degrees Celsius. Night cooling can be called so only with very big stretch, because the thermometer does not fall below elevation +26…+27. The water in the gradually begins to cool down, but remains at this time very warm +27.4 points. Period quite cloudy, Sunny days is about eight. Raining but not often. May fall to 29 mm of rain in two days.

A few more wet on the East coast resorts – Bal Mare and Trou-to-DOS. Although there’s also no need to expect more than two rainy days, but the amount of precipitation falling in a month exceeds 34-40 mm., the Average day temperature is around 30 degrees, at night it gets cooler at three or four points to +26…+27 degrees. The water in the ocean cool +27,2.

Noticeably cooler in the Central part of the island. Here in Mauritius the day warms up to +28…+29, the night colder to +24…+25. For areas characterized by a high cloud of 42.1%, this suggests that, in General, Sunny days in the month will be less than cloudy and overcast. Similar weather indicators demonstrate FLIC-EN-FLAC, Tamarin Bay and Le Morne, which is near the beautiful beaches of the West coast of Mauritius. Day here the temperature is only slightly raised above the level of +28 points a day +24…+25 at night. Rain falls predominantly for only one day with a total rainfall of about 37 mm. the Water in the ocean is heated up to +27.5 degrees and therefore very comfortable for swimming.

The weather in April in Mauritius suitable for absolutely all types of holidays and for all types of tourists, regardless of their health status and level requirements. Mild weather conditions of the season are suitable for a very pleasant stay on the beach and long bathing procedures. At any time of the day you can go for long and not really Hiking, the sun will be very annoying. It is not necessary to take with itself an umbrella. It is guaranteed to be unnecessary at this time.

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