Tours for children in Rhodes 👪Rhodes –…

Tours for children in Rhodes 👪

Rhodes is one of the brightest jewels of the Greek archipelago, the island surrounded by the legendary Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea. In this blessed land with lush greenery, sandy coast, the blue foam you fall in love immediately and forever.

Besides the wonderful climate, Rhodes is attractive and many options for family and entertaining.

We have prepared for you advice on where to go with kids on the island to and have fun.

Valley Of The Butterflies

In the West of Rhodes is a wonderful nature reserve with the Valley of butterflies (Petaludes). There reigns a cool, damp fresh air from the many streams and waterfalls, harmony, peace and gentle vanilla aroma of the coniferous tree storax. Here, among shady paths and narrow bridges over the stream dwells a multitude of moths. It’s magical butterfly so snugly on the trunks of trees, stones, rocks, it’s like everything is covered in a velvety carpet.

Best time to go in the summer, when valley flying thousands of “harlequin” butterfly-moth with a rare pattern, similar to the leaves of exotic plants and the red of the lower wings. They love the smell of the resin of the styrax. But it is worth considering that the valley of the butterflies live only of this form and leave in September.
Children up to 12 years of age are allowed to run them for free. Near interesting children’s Museum, where they meet with other amazing instances of Rhodes animals and vegetation.

Amusement Magic Castle (Magic Castle) or “Fantasy”

This small amusement Park is just a godsend for parents with small children, and this is a corner of joy in the village of Faliraki, the Esperides Beach and there you can enter for free. Prices for rides is low. The design of the Park will appreciate the original fantasy pavilions where there are active competitions with prizes from magical fairies, and fun will find both small children and older. Playground in the old castle immediately attracts the attention of kids. Around it you can ride on the large merry-go-rounds, climbing maze in the children’s room, jump on the trampoline. There will be interesting not only to small children, all the entertainment is designed for children up to 12 – 13 years. There in the Park and café, and free Internet. And yet – in the “Magic castle” you can celebrate a birthday by ordering a buffet of childhood dishes.

Ostrich farm & Zoo

A tour with children in butterfly valley can be combined with a to the ostrich Farm, combined with the Zoo. Here you get acquainted with ostriches from the African continent, wild boar and llamas, monkeys and peacocks, with bouncy kangaroos and goats, ride a camel and an important funny stubborn donkey.
And all of them are allowed to feed corn from the packages that the kids be given to you. In addition, if you want, on the farm you can taste the plump omelettes, meat dishes, wild boar and ostrich. On the farm are so interesting to young children that people can spend half a day.

Landscaped Rodini Park

Just a kilometer from the town of Rhodes lies the wonderful of landscape Rodini Park, where to relax from the hustle and bustle will help the murmur of cool streams and waterfalls lace the shade of the old plane and oleander avenues. It is the oldest Park on the planet, hosted by two thousand years ago by the Romans. Younger children will be happy with the Playground and the many swans and peacocks, geese and ducks, the older guys will be interested in an ancient water supply, ancient necropolis, the tomb of Ptolemy.

The Aquarium Of Rhodes

The aquarium will also appeal to small children, and parents. Here is forty aquariums, a display of sponges in different shapes and sizes and a huge white seashell, where you can easily hide the child. The maze in the mysterious cave with rough stone walls – the most interesting place where children are excited to learn about the life stingrays, crabs, sea turtles, octopus, located in the reservoirs behind the Windows. A strong impression on the children produced a terrible, similar to sharp-toothed snakes, eels.
The floor in the maze lined with black and white mosaics, which quietly rolling strollers with kids – there is enough space. If you come to Rhodes in the peak heat of the aquarium with its quiet and cool – a good place where you can hide from the sun. On the second floor there is a Museum, where all afraid of the enormous embalmed fish. Behind the aquarium – coast, at the confluence of the two seas, and after many exciting excursions run there and swim at the same time and in the Aegean and in the Mediterranean sea.

Boat trips

Furthermore, Rhodes offers to participate in the family boat trips in the archipelago. If you want to relax on a luxury ferry and swim to the island SIM, this day trip can seem exciting, and peaceful. But if the child is too small, you should choose a short walk in Calefacci bays on the boat with the bottom of the glass through which visible sea creatures.

Fishing in the open sea

This is a wonderful family excursion for lovers of fish rich in the “fishing spots” on the East coast. Sparkling sea, stunning views, the opportunity to leave the bait and see the marine inhabitants of the guys was a particular sense of a real adventure. According to your desire from caught fish will be gladly cooked a delicious dinner.


In warm weather on the island is spend time with children suitable for all ages, the karting center. In Faliraki is Stan’s Go Karts, where children older than four years issued special cards, hats, belts. In Lardos Go Karts of Lardos, you can rent a motorcycle. There is karting and in Damatria — Cosmos Karts.

The street of knights in Rhodes

This ancient street of Ippoton is one of the most attractive areas of Rhodes town and the centre of the old knight’s quarter. In very ancient times here, might come only to the elect. And today any kid among the amazing structures will feel like a warrior, especially passing through the massive entrance with ancient coats of arms.
Street width of six meters leads to the square in front similar to the ancient fortress Palace of the Grand masters. It is worth to take your child to a Museum that will tell a lot about the life of the brave knights of St John. The Palace is filled with luxurious furniture, expensive plush carpets, decorated with colorful marble, wondrous beauty of vintage vases and antique sculptures.

The water Park in Faliraki

It is a wonderful entertainment complex in Rhodes is a great place where you need to go on vacation with the family. For babies up to three years the entrance is free. The territory of the Park includes numerous water rides, fun for all ages. A huge pool where we jump the waves, whimsical slides of different shapes and heights and a lot of waterfalls, grottoes and labyrinths, where to find and what to see, and what from the soul to rejoice.
In the center of the pool is a Playground in the form of embarked on the anchor of an old sailing ship of pirates, where it is easy to slide on gentle hills right into the water.
The Park has the opportunity to leave the child under the supervision of a vigilant teacher and spend all day at a very small cost.

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