Attractions Djerba, TunisiaThe best attraction of the island is its…

Attractions of Djerba, Tunisia

The best attraction of the island is its extensive coastline is formed by sandy beaches. Those who have not used the entire vacation to spend in his , indulging in blissful idleness, certainly out beyond to neighbouring towns and villages.

To move around Djerba and its best attractions in a rented car leads, and in the car rental office no shortage. The island is almost square, only 30-40 km length and breadth, which can be overcome in an hour of very leisurely riding.

The second way to in tour groups on a comfortable tourist with comfortable chairs, air conditioning and other pleasant attributes. In all resort areas hope not one tour Desk, and the hotel will be attached to the , willing to offer a ride to a particular place. The advantage of this method is the absence of a headache about rental car and directions. Drawback — the limited amount of time and fuss, the obligatory companion of all groups.

What to see in Djerba

The main point of attraction is the Parc Djerba Explore in the surrounding of Midoun, in the East of the island. It consists of three thematic sections: one dedicated to Tunisian and Arab art, the second with architecture and everyday , third — crocodiles. Yes, Djerba is the largest in the Mediterranean crocodile farm. Especially a lot of tourists during feeding predators, before and after — almost empty, so it is better to get your own.

The Village Of Riyadh. Here is the synagogue of El-Mushroom, which has more than two thousand years (see the building in its current form appeared in 1920). It is a place of pilgrimage for North African Jews, where are the ancient scrolls of the Torah, they are, however, ordinary visitors do not show.

Here, in the village, is another attraction, or rather, a quarter. Gerbaud is a collection of street art, paintings on the walls. Perhaps one of the most photographed places in Djerba and certainly the youth.

Houmt-Souk capital of Djerba and it is not a resort area, so come here only the most inquisitive. Basically interest is the old part of the city — the Souk (Djerba — lit. “the market quarter”), which has evolved from the authentic to the tourist, the caravanserais, the fortress of Borj El-Kebir and mosques, each one more and older: the Strangers Mosque with a square minaret, the Mosque of Ibrahim El-Gemni with a private Hammam (1674), the Turkish mosque. Another iconic landmark — the Fort Ghazi Mustapha.

19 km South of the capital lies a remarkable village of Guellala, famous for its pottery workshops. All products that are sold in the shops, made from clay mined in the hill below the village, before the raw materials get through the maze of mines and tunnels. The highest point of the island is here, and it is the heritage Museum. He talks not only about the pottery craft, but also about the traditions and customs of Djerba. The Museum offers a gift shop and money to buy to spare just not worth it.

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