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You, probably, thought that gingerbread houses and milk rivers with milk and honey are only in a fairy tale? But no, there is a place on earth where live in houses that are very similar to Truffle’s beloved sweets. And they live more than one – their history is in the thousands of years. And anyone can live in such a truffle – just rent a room. Where is this fabulous town and where does the volcano – read in this story.
This magical town of Goreme is in the very center of a no less magical region – Cappadocia. There is no second place on the planet that even remotely resembles it. Whimsical sculptures resembling people in hats, Truffle candies and phalluses were formed naturally due to erosion and weathering.
For thousands of years they were filled with ashes and filled with lava these neighborhoods, forming a flat plateau, without a single sign of high vegetation. Years, , wind and frost took the baton, acting as skilled sculptors. They grind countless ravines in soft rock. The process of destruction of the plateau and creation in its place of new sculptures continues to this day – some statues are scattered, others appear.

People still many centuries before our era used these outcrops as their homes. The soft tuff was very well processed, and when touched with air it hardened. In addition, tuff perfectly keeps warm, so in a pronounced continental climate was a good protection from the summer heat and winter cold.
At a time when early Christians settled this place (from the 6th to the 9th century), there were more than 400 churches in the suburbs of Goreme, carved out of soft rocks and dug in the ground. With the arrival of the Ottomans, many of them were destroyed, and some disappeared for the reasons that I have already mentioned.
Surprisingly, hollowing out cave dwellings in Cappadocia began as early as the 2nd millennium BC, and continues to this day. Instead of building new houses in the middle of empty terrain, the Turks attach them to the remnants. In their turn, caves are made, which are used as storage rooms, and even living rooms. What can I say, here you can find the whole 3- and 4-star hotels, hollowed out in the rock!

This town is strictly tourist. Everyone who comes to see Cappadocia usually settles in Goreme. First of all, it is located in the very center of the nature reserve, which, by the way, is included in the UNESCO list.
Inside there is no wall decoration, but there are all the amenities in the form of a shower stall, expensive plumbing, soft beds and everything else inherent in the vaunted Turkish service. By the way, he is here at the level of Mediterranean resorts – all inclusive and everything else. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that all this will cost any crazy money – housing in Cappadocia is very cheap.
You can even without your transport get to many natural attractions on foot. And with a car – in general, go around the whole neighborhood in a day. For example, visit the neighboring fortresses of Ortahisar and Uchisar. They, in contrast to Göreme, formed on a mountain, around a fortress, hollowed out in a huge tuff rock. The town of Uchisar can be seen from the observation platform over Göreme – there it is, on the left, in the distance.
Secondly, the entire infrastructure is concentrated here – the offices of the organizers of flights on balloons, ATV safaris, horseback riding, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and so on. Thirdly, the city itself with its truffle houses is one continuous sight.
Göreme, in fact, lies in a huge ravine-valley. You can climb up and admire the unearthly views at sunrise and sunset.
It is said that Lucas was inspired by local landscapes in creating landscapes of Tatooine in the movie “Star Wars. Episode IV. New Hope”. Look at the photo of the scenery below – is it really similar?
The main entertainment in Cappadocia, for the sake of which crowds of tourists come here from all over the – mass flights on balloons. Every morning, in good weather, in the winter and in the summer, dozens of balloons fly up to the sky with tourists in a basket. This spectacle can not fail to amaze! Even just watching the flight from the ground is already an aesthetic pleasure. The main thing is to correctly select the observation point 🙂 In one of the following parts, I will definitely tell about it in more detail.
It is worth the pleasure from 120 to 150 euros for one hour of flight per person. Not cheap, but to meet the dawn from the height of bird flight is worth a lot!

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