Cappadocia is Göreme

The main tourist city of Cappadocia is Göreme. That is where you ultimately need to get. Of course, you can get to Göreme from Istanbul by night bus, but it’s tiring and time consuming. The easiest and cheapest way to get to this city is to fly on a domestic flight to the nearby city of Kayseri.
The cheapest tickets from the same Pegasus. For example, in early April, from Istanbul to Kayseri, with the return, you can fly for only 3,700 rubles. As you have noticed, flights to Kayseri are made only from Sabiha airport. If you flew from Moscow on a low-cost airline to him, then you can skip most of this guide – just sit at this airport and wait for your flight to Kayseri 🙂 But if you arrived at Ataturk airport, then you will have a long excursion around beautiful Istanbul 🙂

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