Can a snake swallow a man?

“There is no doubt that the ancients meant by their dragons our modern giant snakes. The striking size of these animals, their considerable strength and the general fear of snakes in general make exaggerations very understandable, in which the ancients are guilty. looking for originals, because the information about the giant snakes themselves were almost lost. The more persistently the uneducated of the favorite description of a big dragon or a snake-gorynych, thrown to the earth to the whole to ruin, kept themselves up ”(A.E. Bram)
A giant twenty-meter or even thirty-meter snake, hiding on a bitch, stalks its victim. From a blow to the crown of her head, like a stone head, a man was taken by surprise, almost without feelings falling to the ground, and the snake rushes at him with lightning-like throwing and wraps her rings breaking all the bones in the iron arms. This happens in those cases, if courageous liberators who cut the snake into pieces with knives do not arrive in time …
A description of such heart-rending scenes can be found in many adventure novels and even in other reports on expeditions to the unexplored tropics.
Do giant snakes really attack humans? Can they swallow us? Hardly any other animal is fantasized as much as python, anaconda, or boas. Therefore, it is precisely with respect to these animals that even a specialist can find it very difficult in each individual case to decide what is true and what is fiction.

It begins with the definition of length. Even serious travelers claimed that in the forests of the Amazon there are anaconda with a length of 30 or even 40 meters. But, as a rule, they kept silent about whether they measured these snakes themselves or know it from eyewitness accounts.
Anaconda is the same boa, only South American. That she is considered the largest and strongest among all the giant snakes of the world. Another South American snake, also no less famous, and also a constrictor (Constrictor), reaches a length of “only” five to six meters.
I must say that measuring a snake is not so easy. The most convenient way to do this, of course, is when it stretches its full length. But for a big snake, such a pose is completely unnatural; Some of them are simply unable to accept it – they need to bend to the side at least the very end of the tail in order to have a support. Voluntarily such a strong animal will not allow itself to be straightened to measure. In a dead snake, however, the body usually stiffens so much that it is even more difficult to measure. If we judge the length of snakes by their leathers for sale, it is very easy to fall into error: after all, this skin is sold for meters, and therefore, while it is fresh, it can be stretched to a length of 20 percent, and some claim that even all 50. Snake hunters often use this.
It is interesting that live snakes are sold for meters. Snake merchants request from zoos for small and medium pythons from 80 pfennigs to one mark per centimeter. The New York Zoological Society has announced many years ago that it will pay 20 thousand marks to those who bring a live anaconda more than ten meters long; nevertheless, no one has yet been able to earn this attractive amount.
Yet it is entirely possible that such giants exist or existed until very recently. The weight of such an animal must be impressive enough; so, the Asian net python size of 8.8 meters weighs 115 kilograms. It is not surprising that it is not so easy to overcome such a colossus inhabiting more often virgin forest without a whole horde of helpers. And then after all it still needs to be able to be delivered unscathed to the airfield or to the port.
The record length of the hieroglyphic python (Python sebae) widespread in Africa is 9.8 meters. The Indian, or brindle, python (Python molurus) reaches 6.6 meters, the East Asian net python (Python reticulatus) – either 8.4 meters, or 10 meters, depending on which you believe. A little less amethyst python.
Here we are, in fact, have already listed all six giants of the snake world: four egg-laying pythons – the natives of the Old World and two viviparous boas – the New. Among the 2500 species of snakes inhabiting the globe, there are still a number of other species of boas and pythons, but they are much smaller.
Giant snakes are not poisonous. In contrast to the fat giants of the snake kingdom, poisonous snakes (for example, the African mamba, sometimes reaching four meters, and even longer – the king cobra) are thinner and slimmer.

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