Biker strength

For the past week and a half, the wind has been reigning. He rushes gusting, trying to throw off the bike and wherever you turn, a sharp scattering of rain flies right in your face. And sometimes, sitting at home and listening to the howls of the wind, I begin to fear that I will literally blow the roof off (my apartment is right under the roof).
Again, it turns out that I am going to write something only when I go somewhere. But I a blog with the intention to write not only about , but also about thoughts and all events. So I will write about the last week that will be remembered.
Last week, a guest fell on me again, or rather a guest on couchsurfing. This is the fourth time that I host free travelers. Formerly they were: a Russian girl, an Italian on a bicycle, about which I here, it seems, was told also by a boy from Belgium, but with the Italian Lorenzo. This time the guest was a very young girl from Poland. She finished school and decided to spend a whole traveling around Europe to see the and understand what she wants to do more and what to do and where and where to study. I know that such a practice – a year of traveling after graduating from a university school is quite common in some circles, but I myself have never even dreamed of such a thing. With all my passion for travel, I would not want to do this without interruption. I know for myself that even from a very interesting vacation, if he has been dragging on for more than two weeks, I am drawn to return home as soon as possible.
I go to The Hague to the students now 3 times a week. One of them – certainly Saturday. Last Saturday was again a long one, with another to Rotterdam, to the library. Due to the change in the schedule, I now have an hour break between two students, which I usually spend over a cup of coffee somewhere in a cozy cafe. And the cafe is trying to find something new. This time I chose a cafe that has a special feature – bicycles. Well, bicycles in Holland surprise no one, of course. The same place is positioning itself as a cafe – workshop where you can drink coffee and eat while you are repaired with your iron horse. Bicycles stand there between the tables and hang on the walls, and choosing a table in the back of the room, I discovered that there is a piano next to it, above which is also a bicycle!
So, since I don’t have much time and at the same time it is still too early for lunch, I decided to take a small toast to coffee — just read one library book. Actually, I really love cappuccino, but lately I’ve been encountering another variety of it, the Cortado. In the description it means that it is a super strong cappuccino, and it is served in a smaller cup than a regular cappuccino, although more so than an espresso.
So, I’m sitting here for my book, I drank coffee long ago, and everyone does not carry a toast to me! I went up to the counter – alle, you did not forget, I ordered a toast from you, such, you know, with cheese and nuts? Oh, she throws up her hands at the girl behind the desk, – I’m sorry, please, I’ll prepare it for you right now! After that, my toast was brought to me rather quickly, and they also offered me a moral compensation for a long wait, a drink from the restaurant. The toast, by the way, turned out to be quite large – with three slices of bread instead of two, with dates and nuts. As another waitress explained to me at parting, to bolster biker strength.

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