Belle River

The neighbour’s cat She always comes when she is lonely.
Comes, settles next to you and purrs.
And how not to purr when they scratch you by the ear.
The cat was on demolition. She was very much waiting for that long-awaited day when her Fish Kittens would be born.
“Faith poorly educated in this matter,” Cat thought to herself.
It is understandable, just from the big city.
And what’s in there? There, cats and cats have long forgotten what “kittens” are.
There, these cats are deprived of memory as soon as they grow up. both boys and girls cats. Without pity.
Here in the village, everything is much better. And we are cats, here are special. We give birth not kittens and “Fish Kittens.”
Every time this long-awaited day comes, and only after you get out the last child, do your people come.
Sometimes they cry, sometimes they just sigh.

But they always give a huge piece of freshly slaughtered, and only for YOU – chicken.
Of course, THEY are just born. IM needs care.
They say: “Forgive me, this is necessary.” and go.
Having leisurely finished the meat, the cat always ran to admire how THEIR was taught to swim in a bucket.
But for some reason THEY quickly got tired of such an activity, and almost immediately fell asleep.
After that, they were always released into the river.
Maybe that’s why people called this river something: “Belle River”, the Cat thought

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