Athos Cahors

Cahors from Mount Athos a few years ago, met in wine boutiques and large chain stores. I always bought it for Easter. Cahors was an unusually beautiful burgundy color, rich velvety taste and matchless aroma. Now it is expensive. In 2013 I was fortunate enough to visit Kefalonia. Grapes are grown there and the famous Robola is produced – a light, fresh, dry wine with a hint of fruit. At the tasting, I really liked the wine. Having tried this wine, I realized that I had never had a better wine. The richest bouquet, unusual sweet spicy taste, everything is very harmonious and elegant. I was able to bring home only one bottle. All my loved ones were delighted. Then it cost 12.8 euros. Now, for sure, more expensive. Unfortunately, in Russia, Greek wines are rare. If earlier it was possible to purchase Cahors from Mount Athos, the same Retzina, now there is no such thing. And almost no one knows about the wines of Kefalonia. And I would like to try again the very thing wine.

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