Among the sets of theories explaining the life cycle of our Universe

Among the sets of explaining the of our Universe, “Conformal cyclic cosmology” is of particular interest. Its author is the famous physicist Roger Penrose, standing in the same row with such personalities as, for example, Stephen Hawking.

The theory tells us that our exists in a continuous cycle of birth and death: that is, our Universe had descendants, and after its death a new Universe will appear in its place. How will the end of our universe happen?

The scientist believes that in the distant future all particles of our Universe, having a mass, will be gradually drawn into huge holes. Gradually, the extremely expanding Universe will consist only of massless particles — photons — and holes. But this will not last forever: due to Hawking radiation, any hole gradually evaporates. It takes billions of years, but the end is predetermined in advance.

According to Roger Penrose, together with the disappearance of the last black hole in the Universe, there will be no object relative to which measurements can be taken — that is, the very concept of space and time will disappear.

What can escape from a black hole?
The characteristics of the future Universe will not differ from the singularity – the very point from which the Big Bang originated and our world originated. As soon as this happens, a new Universe will emerge from the singularity, and with it a new space-time.

Not only is the of Penrose forcing to pay attention to this theory – the discoveries of scientists have provided some evidence of the correctness of conformal cyclic cosmology. The fact is that conformal cyclic cosmology suggests the possible presence of traces from the previous one in our Universe. Such traces can be left by the only remaining objects at the end of the life cycle of the previous Universe – supermassive black holes. If they can be somehow detected, it is only by examining the distribution of the CMB radiation.

This is interesting: relic radiation is the uniformly filling microwave radiation of the Universe, which appeared about 300,000 years after the Big Bang. At this time, the slowed-down electrons began to combine with protons and alpha particles, forming atoms and moving from the plasma to the gaseous state. Often this era is called the “era of primary recombination.” The echo of this event in the form of radiation reaches us to this day.
According to a group of physicists who have studied the latest data from radio telescopes, irregularly distributed structures, called B-modes, are clearly visible on the CMB map.

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